Gurden Farga


Race: Human
Class: Blue Mage

EXP: 0 / 500
Level: 1

Base Stats (Current / Maximum / Rating / Default):
Str: 6 / 20 / 28 / 14
Vit: 8 / 20 / 34 / 17
Agi: 6 / 18 / 28 / 14
Spd: 4 / 18 / 22 / 11
Mag: 8 / 22 / 34 / 17
Spr: 8 / 22 / 34 / 17

HP: 44
MP: 27
Eva: 15
M.Eva: 16
M.Acc: 100+16+1+10=127
ARM: 6
M.ARM: 12

Polearm Acc: 73 (40+20+6(*2)+lvl)
Cudgels Acc: 53
Other Acc: 47
Magic Acc: 127

Advantages: Monster Killer ( Beast ), Pure Soul
Disadvantages: Code of Mercy, Vulnerability ( Mystify )

Weapon: Iron Spear Dam: 12+1d12
Head: Red Hat Stats: ARM: 1 MARM: 3 M.ACC: +10
Body: Cotton Robes Stats: ARM: 3 MARM: 5
Hand: Chocobracelet Stats: ARM: 1 MARM: 2 Eva: 5

Inventory: 2x Tonics

Spells Known:
Goblin Punch 1 MP
Reflect-Null 1 MP
Laser Eyes 4 MP
Red Feast 6 MP
Night 13 MP

Awareness: 30 (Novice)
Language (Common Tongue): 50 (Intermediate)
Language (Beast Tongue): 40 (Intermediate)
Language (Ancient): 20 (Novice)
Lore (Monster): 50 (Intermediate)
Lore (Blue Magic): 50 (Intermediate)
Weapon Skill (Polearms): 40 (Intermediate)
Weapon Skill (Cudgels): 20 (Novice)
Swimming: 30 (Novice)
Climbing: 30 (Novice)
Animal Training: 50 (Intermediate)
Navigation: 50 (Intermediate)
Riding: 50 (Intermediate)
Scavenge: 50 (Intermediate)
Survival: 50 (Intermediate)
Tracking: 50 (Intermediate)
Cooking: 20 (Novice)

Class Abilities:
Blue Magic (Level 1)
Target: Varies Type: Magic Ability

Blue Mages can cast Spells from the Blue Magic list in Chapter 8. Unlike most other Spell types, Blue Magic does not follow a set progression; a Blue Mage’s arsenal grows not with his Level, but as he encounters foes capable of using ever more powerful magic. This unpredictable development is somewhat compensated for by the Blue Mage’s breadth of options; GM fiat aside, there is no limit to how many Blue Spells a Blue Mage can learn. Accordingly, Blue Mages can begin the game with any number of Blue Spells, provided their combined MP cost does not exceed the Blue Mage’s starting MP. In addition, it is strongly recommended that none of their starting spells exceed 15 MP in cost.

Azure Lore (Level 1)

Target: Self Type: Support Ability

To use a Blue Spell, a Blue Mage must be able to understand it. Without tomes or teachers to fall back on, ‘understanding’ mostly boils down to just one thing: experiencing the Spell’s effect first-hand. Azure Lore allows a Blue Mage to acquire any Blue Spell cast on him during a battle or Scene in which the Blue Mage is an active participant. This is subject to two important restrictions. Firstly, while the Blue Mage does not have to suffer the Spell’s effects in order to learn it, the Spell must target him or his current Party in order to be eligible for acquisition. Secondly, the Spell cannot reduce the Blue Mage to 0 or fewer Hit Points—Unconscious Blue Mages are in no shape to learn anything.

Assimilation (Level 1)

Target: Self Type: Support Ability

Durability aside, keen observation and a sharp analytical mind are the Blue Mage’s best friends. By carefully watching the magic woven by an opponent, they can gather enough information for a kind of mystical reverse engineering, allowing them to copy monster magics without putting themselves in harm’s way. Assimilation has a flat CoS of % of allowing a Blue Mage to instantly acquire any Blue Spell used during a battle or Scene in which the Blue Mage is an active participant. Assimilation has no effect if the Blue Mage is Unconscious or affected by any of the following Status Conditions: Berserk, Blind, Charm, Confuse, Curse, Frozen, Heat, Sleep, Stone, Stop, Toad, Unaware, or Zombie.

Intuitive Magic
Varies based on spell types known.


Gurden Farga

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